Mathematical Modeling - Simulation of complex systems

Gear control and F1 differential control

An example of mathematical modeling of great interest and complexity that has been used to develop control strategies and verify the performance of the whole system, is related to the automated transmission for cars, schematically represented here on the right side. Each block represented, in turn, contains in its interior a link to more calculation blocks with its parameters and variables, in order to simulate accurately the system, hydraulic, mechanical and electronic as a whole.

Semi-active damper for high-speed train

Great ideas and sophisticated calculations, have allowed to design, patent and develop a system of semi-active dampers for high speed trains. 2000 Engineering has developed a completely new system in all its phases: from concept to design, from structural calculations to mathematical modeling, to optimize performance and quality, from design to prototype construction, from the development to the test bench, to approve the control units and the decision to produce.

Steering system

The mathematical modeling activities have become indispensable to reduce the time of development and of any search for new solutions. Many systems were simulated in order to verify their functionality and performance without the need to design, build and test the various systems.


  • Power steering unit with hydraulic gear
  • Drive by wire system integrated with hydraulic power unit
  • Telescopic trumpets with electronic control for racing engines

Stability control system for cars

2000 Engineering has developed active suspension and stability control systems for GT cars and Sport cars in all its phases, thus including the mathematical modeling of the system. The optimization of the system performance allowed us to develop and release a product that is safe and that has great performance from the beginning, eliminating the need to intervene with changes on the project, and minimizing the software calibrations in the car.

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