The company

Headquarters in Modena

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2000 Engineering was established in 2000 by the passion and experience of its founder, manager and technical director.
The experience gained in over 20 years of high level design and experimentation in Ferrari Automobili and Ferrari Gestione Sportiva, is now expressed by 2000 Engineering through his capable staff and collaborators.

The company today

The company has grown steadily in recent years, gaining important customers and providing them with consulting services and excellent performances. The exponential growth of business and number of collaborators has not changed our spirit, always oriented to customer satisfaction through our quality and proven performance and reliability.


Through highly qualified and motivated staff, 2000 Engineering provides a complete and unique service, being able to integrate all the steps required in order to get the result: from concept feasibility analysis, from planning to management of bills of material, from the construction of prototypes to comprehensive testing, from problem solving technical analysis to the resolution of the project.

Collaborations in collocation

2000 Engineering works with the most prestigious engineering companies in the sector, with design, testing, product development, cost analysis, methods and organization of work at the headquarters of the customer when required.
This allows our excellent resources to be selected and integrated into the organization and to be in contact with the internal working groups, ensuring maximum efficiency and a high level of collaboration in collocation.

Confidentiality of data

2000 Engineering places great emphasis on the confidentiality of sensitive data of our customers, aware of their vital importance.
In accordance with the D. Lgs. 196/2003 concerning the protection of personal data, 2000 Engineering is bound to absolute confidentiality about the information processed during the course of its business, including all related materials in any form.


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2000 Engineering is sponsoring various sporting events in order to promote his group in the area of car design and development:

  • Campionato Italiano Velocità Montagna
    Bedini Giorgio
    Winner Cup Superstars 2011 Audi RS6
  • Gran Fondo national amateur cycling
    ASD PRO 3 Team