3D design and structural calculation

The experience gained in over 30 years of high-level design by the founder and technical manager, Ing. Fosco De Silvestri, with the collaboration of highly qualified technicians and using the most modern CAD systems, allows 2000 Engineering to design and develop any mechanical, hydraulic or electric/electronic system. Sophisticated hardware and highly trained engineers enable us to make structural calculations of high efficiency and reliability with unimaginable reductions in time, cost and weight. Detailsdetails

Mathematical modeling - Simulation of complex systems

The vast experience gained in this field allows us to create sophisticated and fully reliable mathematical simulations that allow an enormous saving of time and money in the development and definition of the system, and in the design and analysis phases.Detailsdetails

Electronic design, hardware and software

2000 Engineering has a modern and complete structure, fully dedicated to the development, design and construction of electronic systems, engine control units, control units for the control and management of automatic transmissions, sophisticated telemetry systems, data acquisition and transmission, video capture related to time laps.Detailsdetails

Dimensional measurements and technical analysis (competitor analysis)

2000 Engineering specializes in the analysis of projects and competitor systems. This system is commonly used by all manufacturers to maintain their high level of innovation and critical analysis. The technical measurements are analyzed in detail and documented with detailed reports, photos and dimensional measurements.Detailsdetails

Design and construction of test benches

During past experiences occurred several times the need to develop test benches designed for specific systems. This led to the foundation of a department specifically dedicated to the design and development of special test benches.Detailsdetails


2000 Engineering has a small group of people dedicated to the development of new design ideas. This group has been established for specific customer requirements and internal needs of completion of the lines of projects to be developed.Detailsdetails

Collaborations in collocation

2000 Engineering works with the most prestigious engineering companies in the sector, and has design, testing, product development, cost analysis and organization of work at the headquarters of the customer.
This allows our excellent resources to be selected and integrated into the organization and in contact with the internal working groups, ensuring maximum efficiency and a high level of collaborations in collocation.Detailsdettagli