3D Design and structural calculation

The design of a system, a machine or part of it, passes through several key activities:

  • from feasibility analysis to installation tests
  • from the overall project to the definition of the geometries and controls
  • from structural calculations (FEM) to product optimization
  • from detailed design to production processes optimization

Design of transmissions

Thanks to the experience previously acquired by its technicians, 2000 Engineering specializes in the design and manufacture of gearboxes, manual and automatic, electronically controlled differential gear and special differential gear.


  • Automatic transmissions for sports cars and Formula 1
  • Automatic transmissions for offshore boats
  • Transmissions for motorcycles

Fuel and cooling system design

2000 Enginering designs fuel tanks and complete fuel systems in compliance with the EU increasingly stringent terms of pollution. 2000 Engineering also designs complete systems for cooling and braking systems layout.

Hydraulic systems

In recent years, 2000 Engineering has developed many complex hydraulic systems for important companies. Our systems are designed by specialists of the highest level, that through careful design, mathematical modeling and computer simulation, ensure reliability and accuracy.


  • Steering system of the transmission tails for Off-shore ships
  • Semiactive damper for high speed trains
  • Active suspensions and stability controllers
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